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Shenzhen Guowei Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of the electronic industry special adhesive tape and SMT workshop special tools and supplies domestic professional production and sales enterprise.

One advantage, SMT splice products: SMT splice tape and AI material film, receiving lead belt, AI tape, SMT adhesive tape.

Two, the advantages of SMT workshop tools: SMT SMT stapler, then skip type material receiving clamp, receiving copper buckle, receiving special scissors,

Three, the advantages of SMT cleaning products: SMT steel mesh cleaning paper, clean paper, clean cloth,

Four, advantages of industrial adhesive tape products: PCB special adhesive tape, high bonding barge tape, anti-static tape, Kapton high temperature glue, masking tape, lithium battery special tape, row waste tape, steel net protective film, pet high temperature masking tape, copper foil tape.

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Shenzhen GUOWEI Adhesive Products Co.LTD

Contacts:Mr. Ye

Call:135 2888 5876

Tel:0755-8525 1678

Fax:0755-8259 8081


Address:Shenzhen city Longhua District Guanlan new industrial park A building area A1

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AI belt

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